Cactus Plant Pot

All the fun of a cactus, with none of the spikes! This glittering terracotta plant pot will be a great home for your own cacti.

All our products are designed in house and hand decorated with high quality crystal cut rhinestones. Each stone really sparkles beautifully, pictures just don’t do it justice. As all our items are made to order, ensuring you get a truly personal item, they won’t be with you tomorrow! Please be sure to check our current processing time here. Due to the handmade nature of these products, there may be slight variations in design and colour.

Height: 15.5cm
Width: 18cm

Handle with care, sponge clean only, not recommended for use outdoors.
Rhinestones should not come off unless mishandled, but we include a packet of spare rhinestones with each order, just in case.


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